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Divorce Hearing Coming Up May 2

Hello all,

So glad I found this save haven. Since there is no answer on his side, I am now in the final step of a default judgment. There is a FRO in place and I have to serve the papers through the Sheriff's Office. I qualify for Legal Services help due to low income and the attorney I've been working with has been extremely helpful and thorough when it comes to these forms.

The 2 things I am mainly seeking are the termination of marriage and child support. (Oldest is 4 and the youngest is 1.5) I've moved back with my parents and I just want him to cover the day care expenses. I was told there is a child support calculator and from what I know, I still make more than him.

And I am also guessing the child support isn't decided on the hearing at May 2? It is just letting the court system know that I am seeking child support?

I've been diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression because of the emotional, verbal abuse, physical abuse and I really cannot wait until this mess in my life is officially closed and over.