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Trying to cope

After just 2 weeks we are drifting further apart at his request for space and distance. If I miss a call and call him back he WILL NOT ANSWER, HOURS go by before he will return a text& even then it’s 3-4 words. He says he does not want to be here, it’s time to go our own ways and move on. I asked for him not to contact me because he just says hurtful things like ITS TOO LATE, I TRIED, YOURE NEVER HAPPY, I need to work on myself.
Then he says IDK WHAT I WANT, ILL LET YOU KNOW,… it’s like he is trying to keep me in limbo but tear me down at the same time.

Re: Trying to cope

I’m on the same situation, he’s lied and cheated on me before and I forgave him , Now he says he doesn’t want to be here he wants to be alone , he Doesn’t know what he wants. He moved out over a month ago and he’s like nothing bother him he doesn’t reach out to me.But when I do talk to him he tell me he loves me he just want to be alone . I’m depressed, lost weight and he’s like nothing bothering him.
Why am I the one hurting and he’s moving on like nothing after 20 years.

Re: Trying to cope

I’m in a similar situation but my husband has blamed it on his mental health saying he’s depressed and mentally exhausted and has tried with me too many times. One minute he’s saying he loves me and it doesn’t feel right and the next he’s cold and nasty saying he is done and can’t take the toxicity anymore. His mental health has now affected mine and I’m having panic attacks all while trying to stay strong for our two girls who one is only 6 months. But he doesn’t care and says right now he just needs to focus on getting himself better. I’m devastated as he’s just turned our world upside down and is blaming everything on me. I feel like he’s trying to punish me for the resentment he has towards me.