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I don't want to beg so he can feel powerful over me

He always walks out and goes to his parents, knowing full well, my parents are gone. He stays there until I beg and beg he to come back. I don't want to beg. He knows that I have been an emotional rollar coaster and he just leave until I call him to come back home.

Re: I don't want to beg so he can feel powerful over me

I can related, have you tried talking to him once things are calmed? Do you have anyone to talk too? If not fins a therapist to help work through this. My husband would go days without talking to me, silent treatment. I told him, once we had worked through things, that that cannot continue and that if wants to act like a child he can go to his mom so she could take care of him. I wasn't going to tolerate it. The next time he wants to do it I will not ask him to talk to me I will call a divorce lawyer and talk to them. It was tough because I knew if he did I had to be ready to make good on my promise. But honestly I was so over it and told myself it's his call know to make. He hasn't done it since and we are working on our marriage still. Sometimes you have to draw the line in the sand to know where you really stand.