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Re: I Want a Divorce He Doesn't

I was in this same boat until just yesterday. My husband and I had been battling each other since our marriage began almost 10 years ago. I had left a few times only to come back because he said things would change. Recently we went to marriage counseling once a month for 3 months which wasn't nearly enough and after a fight he said he was never going back. Nothing was right with us from the beginning and I had said that over and over throughout the years. Last night was the final straw for him as well. Now I feel sick to my stomach, but I know it's the right thing.

Re: I Want a Divorce He Doesn't

What happened to make you feel emotionally unattached?
If it was your husband, did he know what he was doing to try and fix it?
Was your husband thinking he was doing the right thing, what he did was not an issue? - whether it be - make plans with friends without checking with you, or sharing information that should be kept in the marriage and spread the word, about you/ etc.
I am there with you!
Forgive and forget? I can forgive if they admit what they did and I have proof. I will Never forget any of it. It’s still not worth my mental health to continue needing to “babysit his actions now”.