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I woke up a few hours early to spend time with my husband and we did. Everything seemed normal and I went to work. 3 hours into my shift, he texts me and says he wants a divorce and has packed some stuff and left. We've been going to therapy for months now and even had an appointment on Wednesday. Things seemed to be improving and now this. He's been my everything for 6 years and I have no clue what to do now. A part of me hopes he comes back and another part doesn't want the anxiety of questioning if he'll leave again, because he has in the past and he's come back. Here is the text.

I've been running this through my head alot, weighing it out.
And I think I want a divorce.
I know you could tell I haven't been exactly cheerful these past days.
Knowing I'm going through what your mama went through and possibly will end up like her. I don't wana put you through that again. I'd rather just rip off the band aid and leave before I do even more damage than I've already done with my past bull****. I'm not being selfish.
I'm thinkin of you as I always do.
I don't wana make you watch me decline if my body decides to go that route.
Please give me this divorce. I don't wana see you hurt anymore. And I don't wana keep ******* up an upsetting you.

You are getting mad at me over the stupidest smallest things now.
It's just when you got upset over me adding a friend on Facebook it showed me I can't have anyone else in my life wether it be guy or girl.
Your okay with online friends cause their online and I can't do anything with them.

It's just I feel trapped and held down. I feel like I'm being taken for granted.
Feels like all I do is upset you or disappoint.

Feel like I can't have any friends at all. Or do anything with anyone. And if I spend a little time with mom or Carol or even a friend on your days off i get crucified. I know they are your days off and you treasure them i know. I know we might have lost a few hours together but I would've still come home to you. You act like we never have time together. We have loads of time. After I get off work, on your days off, on our scheduled pto days. There's alot of time.
And the fact that you got upset when I said my mother is gonna go to my surgery. I know you don't like her but she's my mother and I want her in my life.
I'm sorry you feel the way you do about her but I want my mother in my life.

I will always always always be your bestest friend. We can hang out an go to movies and go out to eat. But I need to be on my own for this next part please. I don't wana put you through anything else or make you put up with me.

I love you so much.
And I'm sorry about this. But I just can't do it anymore.
Gonna go stay with Carol ok?

I did take trash out for you and cleaned litter.
Please watch over the baby (this is our cat. We have no children)

Re: Lost

If you have a bank account together go withdraw what you can. He sounds like a manipulative, narcissistic jerk. I’m so sorry he played with your heart but his text sounds selfish & like he’s saying one thing then pointing the finger at you. You are not to blame. And do not thank him for taking garbage out or changing the cat litter OMG. You can do this and be your own bestest friend - I think you’ll treat yourself a whole lot better than that!

Re: Lost

He seems to have narcissistic tendencies when he says "Please give me this divorce. I don't wana see you hurt anymore." They would do or say anything to make you feel like you're at fault not them. Here he's making you feel that you are not trying to accept him as he is and getting more hurt.

When you stay with people that have narcissistic traits your world feels upside down..its doom. You would never feel secure or loved in that relationship. He's acting very stupid talking about cats and dogs.

If you feel there's no love left in the relationship and things he's doing is not legit then you need to get out and divorce him as soon as possible. The more you stay the more you'll be disappointed and hurt.

Please save yourself and get out of this never ending drama.

Re: Lost

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