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how do i even beging again?

so my husband and i have been married for 4 years already and i have spoke to him on several different occasions about how he talks to me (like im one of his "homies") and how he hops on his game system as soon as he gets home from work. I told him that i understood that he needs to unwind and clear his head from work but isnt that what im for? if u cant talk to ur own wife then there's a problem, right? so that let into a 3 hour argument about how im trying to control him and i always want things my way. so lets speed this up to recently and where we are at right now. about a year ago or so i was texting his cousin. i admit the texts were a little iffy to say the least.. but nothing came of it. after less than an hour i stopped talking to him because i realized that it was wrong and i shouldnt have done. WELL... i ended up getting a new phone since my old one wasnt holding a charge anymore and i didnt facory reset it (ikr!) and my husband ended up seeing the messages and then yet another argument. so we finally settle down and actually talk instead of yell at each other and he expresses how he feels and tell him my side, i thought it was done and over with but now its every couple months or so he brings it up and we have yet another discussion.. well he says to me yesterday that he wants to talk to me. I sit down cause i already knew what it was about. he tells me that he's having a hard time putting his trust in me and he needs time to think about whether or not im worth putting his trust in again etc etc. he doesnt want to string me along cause its not fair to me and he doesnt want to hurt me like he did in his past relationships.:face_with_rolling_eyes: i dont know how to start over. i just started my part time job and we have a 17 month and 4 month together and im the one that raised them. he may have been present but not really involved. so i would have to uproot them from their home. i dont know what to do!!!!!

Re: how do i even beging again?

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