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I need to leave

I am emotionally drained and I need to leave. I have been married to the same man for 40 years and have had basically 38 years of heartache. Really, I'm not kidding! I left twice during our first 3 years of marriage but then vowed that I would not leave again until I was fully ready to leave and not return. I am now ready to leave and not return, and I am every day awaiting the last straw that will be my deciding factor. He will not take it well, and that is part of what is making me wait for a "last straw" moment. Every day is a depressing excuse of a life. I just need some of you who are reading this to give me some words of encouragement, power, or whatever you think I need. I need friends to guide me right now...

Re: I need to leave

Life is short. After 26 years, my ex left and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I lost 30 lbs., started to have fun again and reconnected with the people that he could not be around. Move on or continue to be miserable.

Re: I need to leave

Thank you. I will probably remain in misery for a short while longer. He will not leave, and I would prefer that I am the one to go anyway so that he will not know where I am. Believe me, I am getting closer every day to leaving. The emotional abuse is now being aimed at my family (thru me, not at them directly yet) and I need to protect them (no children, just my adult brothers and sisters) by monitoring his emotions until I feel he is calm enough that I can leave without tensions getting out of control.
Pray for me.....(and that he will calm down)!

Re: I need to leave

Please do yourself a favor and not waste another day in that life. It’s not worth it, he clearly isn’t either. I promise you’ll be happier, healthier and much better for it.
I was married 31 years and regret wasting half of my life with a man who always made marriage and life about himself.
I went through it alone and won’t ever look back. I know what I want for myself and already feel calmer since living alone.
I read so many women’s stories here but where do we find a way to connect in person and help each other to better move on. I would love to live near women going through this same thing later in life.