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Why do I care

My husband is leaving me on Sunday to move 1000 miles away and he thinks that I shouldn’t be feeling any type of way. He had 4 nice big holes in the apartment, left me with all the bills and moving back to his mothers and I am supposed to not tell him that I am going to get him back legally …. But I AM A COWARD FOR THAT??? Should I let him just walk away and stuff me with the lease and the debt ??? I have been the award winner for 16 years and yes he does handle things around the house (as he should) but he doesn’t care that I am now older and having health issues and I have to keep the job because that’s what we have together.

Re: Why do I care

I would change places with you. I wish my husband would leave; I would be happier by starting out on my own, and I dream about this every day. I only stay because my leaving will enrage him further so it is actually physically safer to stay until he matures up enough for me to leave. At least you do not have these additional circumstances! I say that you should go ahead and start the legal process, and let your lawyer do all the talking. You have not stated your age or health conditions, but my bet is that your health will improve if you allow it to after he leaves; the stress of living with him surely cannot be helping you any. I will pray for you as I pray for myself.