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Is it possible to stay close to ex husband and blend families

I love my family. My husband and I separated after 23 years of marriage. We love one another but just not healthy for one another. We both have met wonderful people. My kids met his gf. My boys have not met my boyfriend yet. I am just not comfortable for it wll be hard seeing “mommy” with another man. I know it will happen but not pushing it.

In my “dream” world I want to always do the holiday and family vacations together. My BF does not have children but his GF does and our kids are around the same age.

I would be hurt seeing my ex husband with another women but would rather that than not having him in my life.

I hear people say you cant truly move one. I dont want to move on. I would be so unhappy sitting at the Christmas table with my boys and their father not being there.

Is it possible to blend two families? Any suggestions how to make it work?

Thank you and would love to hear from someone that managed to do this.