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My 16 year old daughter

I have full and physical custody of my 16 .5 year old.

Her father lives on the other side of the country.

The last time he saw her she was 18 months.

She does not want to see her father ever or talk to him.

She sent him a text and he never responded.

Re: My 16 year old daughter

Wow 16 is such a difficult age my dad was extremely emotionally distant & he was in the same household. So I can’t imagine this is three times worse. Some men are such idiots. Does she have stable male role models like a grandpa, teacher or such who she looks up to? Some men just can’t handle being Dad. Sorry she’s dealing with this

Re: My 16 year old daughter

Your daughter is probably better off without him. My oldest has a connection with her dad that breaks my trust. They’ve kept secrets from me & he’s got her convinced that she’s just like him. She’s so confused I can feel it. He totally puts me down & he’s the one who tore our family apart. He’s not a good man. Help your daughter to feel her own power as an individual & teach her not to depend on a man. I depended on someone who seemed like we’d be together for life so it’s much better to guide her to be independent and strong. I can see with my oldest it might be too late as she’s been in a secret relationship with, of course, a secret boyfriend only her father knew about. But, your daughter may have a much better chance at a successful life if she gets the right guidance now.