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Re: Ready to file


Good luck with the process.
I also filed for divorce after 23 years from a husband with
a lot of emotional outburst and anger.

I followed most of the recommendations from my attorney in preparing to file. But, I worked to make sure I was being respectful to him, for example she recommended that I tell my boys before I told him. (both boys were over 18)

I didn't feel like that would be fair to him, I thought we should tell them together.

After I filed, I wrote out what I did and why to give him when I told him. I wanted to make sure he understood and processed. He didn't want the divorce, but I did.

She recommended that I take out half the money in our joint account, but I didn't think that was necessary- so I didn't.

Do everything you need to to protect yourself and your assets, but the more considerate of his feelings you can be, the smoother the outcome will be.

My ex- accepted it fairly well and now we are able to spend time together with our children and each other. We are much happier not married and can now be friends.
He would want to get back together, but has accepted that I do not want to.

Good luck!

Re: Ready to file

wish you all my best, honey!

Re: Ready to file

Don't be silly take all the money from all accounts and and hide it in a safety deposit box at the bank,he will take it all if you don't be smart think ahead,be one step in front of him,this sounds crazy but you have to be realistic or he will take it all and you will b living in a small apartment working nights at the waffle House