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Re: When one ex partner doesn’t grieve over the divorce

Hi Tabatha, my story is very similar. Been divorced several months now but just settling the house etc, he is also living his best life and has shown no emotion at all through the process.
I went through every emotion, mostly about how many years I wasted knowing he was never going to put forth any effort.
I am happier now than I’ve been in years and only expect the new year to be even better.
Maybe it’s the difference between our emotions versus theirs and how we process through the changes.

Re: When one ex partner doesn’t grieve over the divorce


I am so happy to find this site to share our pain and stories. I felt so alone... I am learning that men and women are different processing this breakup. Mine also, is living his best life, while we are here heartbroken and left to pick up the pieces. It is so surreal. I do know that, we deserve to have someone to love us unconditionally. We first need to work on ourselves and take care of us. At the end of the day, we only have us now. We must be good to take care of our kids. And one day they will move out or maybe already has moved out.... Mine are still young.
Life is so unsure now. We have to look at it as a gift. If he didn't end it, I would still be working 16 hours a day, while balancing kids andme... Wait, there was never a me moment. Now, we do have that time for us. Lets have courage and process this. The men are enjoying their best lives. We deserve the same.

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Re: When one ex partner doesn’t grieve over the divorce

It is so had to watch the EX move on like if all you experienced together meant nothing. It can be a big hit to the already fragile self worth. But you have to keep in mind that this is on HIM, not a reflection of you.

I would love to suggest a podcast episode that speaks to this. I can't share a link but if you look up the "From Devastated to Divorced" Podcast and listen to episode 41 of season 4 you might find some value and support. and I think there are many more episodes you might like, i would also suggest Season 3 episode 25.

Just know you are not alone, Hugs.