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Re: 20 years of emotional abuse and I can't leave soon enough

I just got out of a 12 year abusive relayionship. It kept getting worse in terms of physical and verbal abuse. He kept on treating me badly till he beat me black and blue 2 days before my birthday. I have a child from him and i realize i need to get out before my child believes tbat ppl should be treated this way. The gaslighting and manipulation and his narcissistic ways were to much for meto handle. He was shocked when i called the cops on him for the last incident but am glad i have peace and quiet now after our divorce. I dont and never depended on him financially. Needless to say, i am better off without him. I deserve better. I walked out and never looked back. I feel no regret because i gave him a long time to start behaving better but as I expected, he got worse. I cant believe i say this but i regret not having divorced before.