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Beer League Hockey
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Re: Great idea...

Who Dat?
It shows parents the natural progression of hockey. Youth, high school, club hockey in college and beer league. “All roads lead to the beer league’

Also, look at the amount of dboard posts as the ages get older: the Youth dboard has the most posts because everyone believes their bender is special...then the posts diminish in the HS and the Junior dboards as reality settles in.

The good news is their benders will eventually be recruited...but older dudes looking to fill their beer league teams...rookies bring the 30 pack!
The principal driver is fewer players, not fewer delusional parents. Something like 85% of youth hockey players are no longer in the sport by HS. The parents of the remaining 15% are still just as delusional, on average.
The proverbial pyramid...

Re: Great idea...

Put me down for one long sleeve 'Beer League Beatdown' Who doesn't like that?

Re: Good idea but.....

This is a great idea. We now have a forum to reference when someone with DPD starts talking about their bender's future.