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Multiple team gear available

Hi, I have an only child and no one to pass down his equipment too. The hitting’s starting and the wife and I don’t believe he has been properly prepared for it. Here’s what I have:

- NE Bulldogs Shells Jr/XS
8” Gloves
- NS Shamrocks Shells Jr/S
8” Gloves
- IHC Shells Jr/M
10” Gloves
- VJW Shells Jr/M
11” Gloves
- TG Shells Jr/L
11” Gloves
- NE Preds Shells Jr/L
12” Gloves

That’s the team gear. I also have have have a plethora of safety equipment. But the real jewels in the closet are team Bauer jackets, track pants, hoodies and, of course, bags for all of the above. Wow, what a wild ride its been. I just wish the coaches were better and were able to bring out more of Cam Raymond’s talent.

Let me know if anyone’s interested or just needs any advice on how to navigate this crazy world of youth hockey.

Re: Multiple team gear available

That’s an impressive list. May be interested in some of it. Ping me at dazza617@yahoo dot com and we can discuss details.

Re: Multiple team gear available

I might have to start combing the lost and found, gold mine.

Re: Multiple team gear available

sounds like you got it all figured out coaches fault at every stop. You really ran through a lot of teams there.