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Re: Wanted: Sparx machine

You should want a ProSharp. Much better value if you plan to use it a lot.

Re: Wanted: Sparx machine

ProSharp is the best Profile machine going, NHL, KHL, Europe, D1 D3 all use this. Sharpening ? Its does the job. Sparx machine is an excellent skate sharper. I spent most of my time straightening out the jobs coming from PH and HM with the Sparx. Now is a guy with a 30,000 Blademaster Machine Investment going you an 900 Sparx machine is better. A Blademaster Machine is only better than a Sparx if its being used by a guy running a NHL or D1 Hockey Team. That guy may get better results because he knows what he's doing. Sparx are good for those who don't know that much about sharpening skates. But Sparx's are better in the hands of someone's who DOES know what there're doing.

It also is a good mix with the ProSharp machine. Once the ProSharp Profile is done, Sparx does NOT change the Profile.
The guys using the Blademaster hand sharpening are changing your profile every time they sharpen your skates. Ever see that banana skate blade ? You can't skate effectively on those blades. Look for a PRO Shop that uses both. Like mine

Re: Wanted: Sparx machine

I'll sell you mine brand new in a box $875

Re: Wanted: Sparx machine

fresh off the truck. . . .