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Re: U18 Girls National Selects Camp

They all say they want multisport athletes and the really great hockey players truly are, but given the choice a D1 (or D3 for that matter) coach will take the better hockey player every single time because their main focus isn\\\'t to develop players, they are there to win. Maybe a 9 month season is the path to higher levels of women\\\'s hockey, just like it is for women\\\'s soccer or lacrosse (you can argue there are still many athletes getting to the upper levels of lacrosse, but that is changing rapidly), but is it worth the repetitive injuries that come with being a single sport athlete?
The multi-sport athlete thing is a complete myth. If your kids mostly plays hockey but is a normal active youth they are doing other activities all of the time. Passion for the game is paramount.
We moved from St Paul to MA a few years back. Many differences in women's hockey. Girls high school hockey is better than anywhere in the country. It is the top of the pyramid. Girls do play other sports but almost all of them play sports through their high school. A typical year for a girl out there would be to play for a AAA Summer and Fall team (Lakers, Giants, Machine) and then do high school. Play a Spring high school sport and repeat. I didn't know a girl that played another top level club sport. If you think that model is extreme it's nothing compared to those girls in Chicago or Detroit. They are crazy. As someone already mentioned they play August through Nationals and then mandatory Spring followed by tryouts. Coach will run Summer hockey camps under a different team name and say that its "highly recommended " that you attend the camps if you are part of the team. In reality it's mandatory.
When you sign your contract after tryouts there's a paragraph that says you will not play another travel sport. During the season those girls will only have 1 day off the entire week and besides a week off at Christmas it's like that for 9 months.
When we moved here and my daughter was playing Tier 1, our first tournament we were missing 4 girls that were playing other sports It was mind-boggling. Never in a million years could a AAA girl out there miss for another sport. No matter how good you are the coach would drop you from the team in a heart beat.
^^^Guess we don't have to wonder why 19 of the 23 Olympians came from the Midwest.

Re: U18 Girls National Selects Camp

Interesting. If you look at the recent U18 USA roster you have 2 players, both from CT on the team and no one else from MA/NE. It felt like there were notable MA/NE players who are talented enough to be on that team that were missing. The D1 numbers shared up thread would suggest that more than 2 players should have made the team. It is always interesting in how these teams are put together and how they ultimately preform in competition.