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Re: Assabet……… That was quick

Anony Mouse
Lol @ “enablers”. I hope you are a woman talking like that.
What is that supposed to mean? What does does being a woman have to do with anything? If you stand back and don't do anything when a predator like CG is operating you become the definition of an enabler. You don't think people at Assabet knew what he was doing? The Globe article was pretty clear. No one deserves to be exploited by a mentor or a coach.

Re: Assabet……… That was quick

Sandusky shut down the run week in and week out. Just sayin.........

Re: Assabet……… That was quick

Do I just need to wear a neon yellow hat and I'm in? Thanks

Re: Assabet……… That was quick

Nawwww Dawwwwg. Those are for national champions ONLY.