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Re: RIP NAHA Labor Day

Sorry- have to disagree here. Who wants to travel to Pittsburgh or Burlington VT over Labor Day weekend. Much better to host it in Massachusetts- closer proximity for coaches and more importantly, the players....many of whom go to prep school and also have to play fall sports. Enabled them to play both this past weekend.
Not sure you know what you are talking about. NAHA used to be the no. 1 girls tournament in the US. There was no other tournament in the US that came even close. Parti****tion was by invite only. Stoney Creek is the weekend after Labor Day and is the probably the no 1 tournament in Canada.

Of course it is more convenient for MA team and MA D1 scouts to play in MA. But that's not true for all the other teams that traditionally were at NAHA. Mission, Little Cesars, Stoney Creek, Honeybaked, BK Selects, Philly Jr Flyers and multiple other are obviously not in MA. The school sport is a non-issue - every good hockey prep school makes an exception for Labor Day and no prep school has competition yet. We have done it multiple times in prep and it was never an issue to parti****te. Having said that, scouts and top teams are not making a convenience based decision. They go where the talent is. and although some really good teams were at NAHA - Stansted, Nepean, Whitecaps & Polar Bears - most of the top team were in PA.

Look at U19: Out of 25 registered teams there were maybe 4 truly outstanding teams and none of them from MA. even less in the U16 division.

The fact that Lovell has teams at NAHA tells you everything you need to know.