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Re: Leaving a club team to play high school

Not from these parts
I don't understand this practice at all, where I am from you would NEVER leave your club to play high school. Actually, the only reason to play high school at all is if you couldn't make a club team. I could MAYBE see leaving to play prep, but public school???? Why is this a thing??? We haven't seen public school hockey, but from what we understand it's not very good. That makes me question this even further, it just doesn't make sense to me. Please help me understand
Three reasons for my kid: First, reuniting with his friends who all went off to different clubs from U10 to U16. Second, hearing the cheers from the crowd at their home games. The crowd at his school's Senior Night last season was crazy and he absolutely loved it. Third, understanding that hockey is not going to be his career, he would prefer to get the most enjoyment (fun!) out of these final few years before he goes off to college and plays club/beer league.

Re: Leaving a club team to play high school

As freshman why wouldn't you want to play for your high school? At a minimum, unless the team is completely terrible (maybe the OP's is?) a freshman will be challenged by the older kids the same way he is on his club team. But even more likely is that the upperclassmen will be both bigger and faster than his club teammates and he will get to practice with them every day.

Re: Leaving a club team to play high school

Sorry your team is imploding