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Re: Winch

Relax Francis
I see comments on here comparing the cost of $60k for a traditional prep school versus a hockey academy. The conversation should be what is your perceived value that you are receiving for the $60k. If a family makes a ton of money and $60k spent at either place doesn't hurt them then I would bet they would feel they are getting value for the $60k wether it is a traditional education and good hockey or lower level education (online) but much better hockey competition at an academy. If you see value for money spent you will continue to spend it. Now a family with limited resources or less disposable income may feel spending $60k for online classes and a full schedule is crazy town and they also may feel spending $60k for a prep school is out of question as well. One isn't better than the other but it is the value you feel you are getting. A family with the resources who has a kid who isn't a great student and can't get in to a prep school may choose the academy route because it fits their situation better. A family who values education over hockey may choose the prep school route. One isn't better than the other and to be fair you are not comparing apples to apples they are two completely different options.
Good write up but you got one piece wrong. The majority of these comments were about Lovell. Show me the "much better competition level at the academy " using Lovell as the example. You want to play Nobles, Cushing, Williston or do you want to play VJW 10 x?