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Re: Why keep stats in tournaments

Hockey mom
Why keep stats in tournaments for players if they never pay attention on the ice to who scores? These stats are always wrong. What is the point?
Try having a goalie. My son went to nats last year and what a joke. You have about 1 out of 3 kids running the computer for Game Sheet that actually put the correct info in. Therefore the you get credit for 1/3 of the saves you make. Some games you have a save percentage and others you have zero shots registered. The other thing that happens all the time is my boy would switch in the middle of the game. The scorer never switches the goalies on the sheet. Its didn't matter if my kid skated over and told him. 1st goalie in gets credit ( good or bad) for the entire game. That is why you see save percentages of .600 and GAA of 7 when you look at the stats. Now, before you all jump on me about worrying about stats etc. It actually does matter to some people. When my boy was looking at prep schools I had 2 different prep coaches text me and ask if he was OK because they looked at the NATs website and saw he was struggling. In reality his goals against was below 2 and his save percentage was over .920 but they had him at a .675 save percentage and a 4.7 GAA. Either keep them right or dont keep them at all. Not everyone knows they arent right.