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Re: Canton Sportsplex

Staff turnover and a drop in on ice and off ice operations only means one thing

Bad management and out to lunch ownership

The buck stops with the person in the office. They are in charge of hiring and they are charge of the day to day operations.

If they complain that they cant find quality people

They should be doing the job themselves

Re: Canton Sportsplex

Pizza sucks too.

Re: Canton Sportsplex

Agreed. Definitely not as good as before

Re: Canton Sportsplex

I got a chance to see it this summer for first time and I was shocked to find the might terrier’s play in such a **** hole. Must be why they such a gritty team to play against. And I thought pizza wasn’t that bad after a dozen parking lot beers.

Re: Canton Sportsplex

It's impressive how with the money we pay that they don't use it to do something with it! The pizza is alright. I don't know if they changed the recipe, but last years was a lot better!

Re: Canton Sportsplex

Palace compared to my Hockeytown facility. Right now the vomit on top of one of the urinals is going on 6 months without being cleaned!