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Re: Coaches need to stfu

Ref shortage? Here to tell you coaches that it’s you, not the parents. 99% of things parents do or say can’t be hea** by the refs. Coaches acting a fool 50% is hea** by refs. A nj coach this weekend got a bench penalty and his team lost 6-1 (of course that was the refs’ fault). He approached one of the refs after the game telling him that was the worst reffing he had ever seen and some choice wo**s. Just stfu to the refs. Your 12 year old game in September losing 6-1 really wasn’t because the refs had a personal vendetta against you or your team ffs.
Sure, reference the most extreme examples to suit your point. Refs never dictate rules or confidently say the wrong rules. They’re just victims. Boooooo hooo. Bunch of 5 figure plebs who cry through their side hustle.
Sorry you couldn't pass the referee exam.

Re: Coaches need to stfu

You Need to read the rulebook on the crapper more!! I guarantee you don't know thew entire book and neither does a youth hockey official.
Give them a break!!!