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Re: NA Elite Showcase up

Wasn’t an exposure showcase - it was development. Your daughter was taught things she has never seen before. If she chooses to incorporate them she will be a better player. If she chooses to continue the process with NAE she will be a better player for it . It’s not a one off event but a process. It’s not about the games but the hours spent in between. The college exposure events are the best in the country. For a reason. Most talent and most coaches. It’s a process. Don’t drink the NGHL koolaid.

Re: NA Elite Showcase

From their website "The showcase will be a combination of development sessions run by our NAE directors and staff, as well as competitive games." So no games you say? Lo**y lo**y, they lie like politicians! It was an exposure get your ready for other exposure events!

Whatever you do do not criticize SG, as he has a following of muppets who think he is reinventing girls hockey by running single birth year teams.

Re: NA Elite Showcase

Just a money grab, save your money and go somewhere else.

Re: NA Elite Showcase

Just a money grab, save your money and go somewhere else.
Well, you seem like a developmental expert. Where would you go?

Re: NA Elite Showcase

PIPS! Invite only tourney teams, top level players form north america, development camps are open to all interested. My daughter who is an 09 is getting recruited from top prep schools in N.E. Pittsburgh combine camp is invite only, but its a tremendous event thats scouted and run by D1 coaches. PIP is not for all, but it may be a good fit if you have a top end player that wants to play prep and college.