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Re: Terriers division placements

Is the Terriers organization still on some sort of probation within the NEGHL or do they sandbag with their teams placements? U14 has 8 divisions and the 3 Terriers teams are in the 4th, 5th and 8th divisions?
Also, the guy who does the division placement at the NEGHL has a tendency to bury certain clubs because it makes those clubs less attractive to prospective players and their parents. Those players\\\\\\\' parents then want to take their little star to the clubs that are consistently in the better divisions. It\\\\\\\'s a pattern of behavior that helps maintain the flow of better players going to certain favored clubs.
So you’re saying it would be a better idea to place them above their skill level and have them get pounded all season? How will that help them build their program if they are placed in top division and don’t win any games? That doesn’t look very attractive to most families shopping for a program. Better to put them where they can be successful and develop and then move them up if their performance shows that they belong in the higher division. It’s fact that their 12U team would struggle if they were placed in the top division. Coach is doing the right thing by placing the kids at the appropriate level so they have fun season. No sure why this bothers people. So many people are on here complaining that teams aren’t placed at the appropriate level and then when somebody steps up and does the right thing they complain about that. I promise you there is no NEGHL conspiracy. And if teams perform way above or below their division, they are re-placed for the winter season. While not a perfect system, this helps to create parity in the league for the benefit of the players and is in no way intended to fracture the parents’ fragile egos.
Not at all. What I mean is, there are certain clubs that no matter how well the teams do in a given year, the following year the team gets buried in a lower division again and has to "prove themselves" again. After 3 or 4 seasons seeing your kid's team get buried in a pitiful tier, going 12-2 in the fall, then getting moved to where they should have been in the winter, you get fed up. It gets worse when you reach U16 half-season and there is no winter to readjust and your kid wastes a year playing below they and their team should be.