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Re: Vikings

See, here\'s the problem with this org. It\'s obvious you are promoting your org, but doing it anonymously. That breeds mistrust. Which is deserved.
NOPE! Just a copy of an email I received.

BTW: this entire forum in NO-VERIFIED, so Contempt, MisTrust, Fraud, Lies and more should not be a surprise to anyone... Personally, I really do not care - only problem is that USERS, Need to WADE Through a ton of Useless BS to actually get some accurate CREDIT Worthy information.

Without VERIFIED Status, this Site get a "MY Hockey Rating" of .500 or 50%... Too many Tool Bags, that probably still live with their Parents, have lots of time and no mortgage payments...

Have fun, waisting your time trying to figure out who is Telling the Truth and Who is not... Maybe you can Write a Book on it!!! How to spot a Fraudulent post on IceHockeyBoards and donate the proceeds to Safe Sport!
Still celebrating the dual B's / Pats victories, I take it?

Time to go home and sleep it off.