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Re: Hockomock Midseason 1st Team

Canton is historically a strong program, and it is strong again this year. However, I agree in that it does look like there were some questionable selections when seeing and comparing kids from other teams from within the Hock. But their choices can be argued for, as they are the safe, easy ones to make. If you have a difference of opinion, I'm sure you can create your own website and share with everyone else.

Re: Hockomock Midseason 1st Team

Thanks for sharing here! We want more posting!

Re: Hockomock Midseason 1st Team

I play in the hock and have played with and against most of the goalies, wither in Hock or summer or short season. If you polled the hock players, the goalie they chose here even though he is good, would probably be #3 at best. yes, his stats are good, but look at who they have played.

Re: Hockomock Midseason 1st Team

Soft schedule = good results.