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Re: H.S. coach and helping get to the next level

So the question is, how much should a coach be expected to do for a kid?

too many HS coaches, just want to coach. you will be surprised how little they really know about their players outside of the rink. but even those can be prodded to do 'something'. proactive/approachable HS coaches will approach a player and work with them: such as attempt to match the major with some schools then seek out those college coaches or reach out to their contacts ('i have someone for you').

either way the player needs to be pro active and have a chat with the coach. let them know they are looking for help.

otherwise top HS D1 games will often have a coach or two attending. especially as the state tournament moves along. if they are interested they will reach out to the HS coach (which goes back to talking to your coach upfront). scouts watch countless games and practices (they prefer these), so one miscue by the player and they are done: its not what you think, if you lose a puck do you fight to get back into the play (good) or do the forward circle (done), backcheck (good) hang or drift (done).

nearly every college has a recruit me page. you should be prepared with a highlight 'reel'.

Re: H.S. coach and helping get to the next level

Great post. A must read for parents with a high schooler.