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Re: Top H.S. Goalies

Not you son.
Go to and look at top 10 D1 goalies, then look at their schedules to get big picture (for instance, Walpole and Natick are soft. Natick goalie has 8 shutouts, but a GAA of 1.39? Should be lower than that with 8 shutouts.) You can see who the players are. Don't bother with D2 or D3. Some of them are getting good writeups, but trust me, D2 is not the same.

Re: Top H.S. Goalies

I think you would have to be a bit more subjective than just going by the numbers...but I don't hear much about goalies this year either.

Re: Top H.S. Goalies

Stoneham HS has 2 best goalies!!! 1&1A.

Re: Top H.S. Goalies

6-6-2 they are on a roll!

Re: Top H.S. Goalies