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Re: So Which Lucky Publics Make It ???

These public schools though it would be a honor to be picked for super 8 or even a play in game you have a better chance of winning D1 than winning 2 games vs Catholic all star teams. Go for the Garden in D1 tourney where you belong. There are no more teams like Reading who had players(Collins,Kiley,Saviano etc who could have played in Catholic conference but stayed in Reading. Same goes for Hingham. Now with preps and juniors these public school teams are diluted but some are still good but no match in a 2 game elimination Super 8 tournament. That is just reality.

Re: So Which Lucky Publics Make It ???

Many have written it's time to call the 'Super 8' what it is, the "State Private School Championship." It's either change the format or pull a Public South Section All-Star Team and a Public North Sectional All-Star Team and throw them into the 'Super 8.' My guess is they would fit right in at a very minimum if not dominate.