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Re: Weymouth wildcats loss to Framingham

Interesting post. I really didn't think they had the stones to take Framingham anyway. It was a tough first round opponent and I guess no shame in a loss to them. Have the coaches wander over to Hingham and watch how the coaching staff there has learned from falling in love with just a couple players. A couple years ago they just had to keep a couple of their favorite defensemen on the ice while better kids sat on the bench watching. Rolling out 3.5 or 4 D all game. Now they play as many a 7 giving everyone a shot and throwing some fresh legs out there on occasion. I can't believe what I'm seeing. They found religion from the Hockey Gods.

Re: Weymouth wildcats loss to Framingham

Yeah they had the defensemen that had a slap shot that wasn't 'high glass' but 'low protective net' and the little guy who took all of the penalties and just got ran over. I remember.

Re: Weymouth wildcats loss to Framingham

Well regardless what the Head coach drank he will feel the effects of the hangover next year when he realizes that many of the (then) Seniors wont be at tryouts...
Rumor has it that at least 4 of his players wont play for him again. I have to agree with you though it drove me crazy watching the stupid decisions all year from the Coaching staff as far as lines and pairings of do you expect to win by mixing up productive lines just to pair brothers or to allow the squirly little Jv coach to get in your ear with who to play and who to sit.
Just another example of how Mackin only cares about football.