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Re: Play like you practice

The mistake that was made was the MIAA voting screw-up last year and then try to make it up to them this year when last year's team was better than this year's. Thanks MIAA that was a great favor.

Re: Play like you practice

I watched them play yesterday and it's true they don't have the top-end kids they had last year on either defense or forward but they seem to put a lot of kids out on the ice, even before it got out of hand. Watching them a couple years ago they stuck with just a few kids on D and a few lines up front and they were even worse.

Re: Play like you practice

You need to simply use your eyes because you can't compare scores because the other teams change as well. Just by using your eyes I'd say this team would lose to last years by at least a couple goals if not more. They had some quality forwards that went back to BA and they had the luxury of one of the better D pairings in D-1 H.S. hockey last season and they graduated. The boys you mentioned both played behind them last year so I think you can figure that out. Traditionally the difference between D-1 and D-1A isn't so much on the first couple lines but on the third and fourth, the Catholics are just deeper. What you saw yesterday was all four lines...again, using your eyes.

Re: Play like you practice

All this is well and good but the original post was about playing like you practice and it sounds like the coaches are winding down for Spring rather than trying to compete in what should be the last Super 8 for publics after Hingham's and Burlington's embarrassing performances. The team held its own versus PF in the regular season and gets blown out yesterday and the kids played with no energy at all. To me that reeks of lack of preparation.

Re: Play like you practice

You might be right about that! So far we agree. And don't be angry with the kid's dad. My kid is on JV's.