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Re: Walpole?

Walpole coach has nothing to complain about, he wouldn't have made it to the second round if the first round game wasn't a home game against Archies. What is the MIAA doing by not having neutral sites? I agree it is senseless to send both teams down to Gallo, but there weren't any other rinks around? If that game was anywhere else. Admittedly, having the second round game for Franklin in their home rink is a joke too. MIAA is apparently too lazy to schedule around home rink advantages.

Re: Walpole?

The game was at Rodman but that is only 10 mins away from the joke of a high school rink archies plays out of.
I will agree that the MIAA is a f ing joke. You decide playoff games by a shootout.

Re: Walpole?

Worse than that, the ice had about a 1/2" of ice shavings on it from nearly two periods of play (3rd period and two O.T.'s). Couldn't spend an extra six or seven minutes to at least scrap down/clean the middle ice for the shoot-out? I'm not an Archies fan, but the shoot-out was hardly electrifying as players had no real option but to shoot rather than risk losing puck in the snow trying to deke goalie. Only 6 minutes for OT periods is a joke too. The shoot-out took longer than both OT periods combined.

Re: Walpole?

Maybe too they could go to 18 minute periods like prep schools do instead of 15 and you would most likely have something happen other than a tie two OT's.

The MIAA leaves a lot to be desired.

Re: Walpole?

He had plenty of practice this season to get kids used to short rest. They had 5 times this season playing with that type of time frame. They went 2-3-0. Did he complain then too?

this is not about short rest, its about inconsistency. why should one bracket play on short rest and another have a week off.

Re: Walpole?

i love the comment, 'he's a good coach'. weak schedule, weak team, terrible coaching. what kind of leader makes such comments?

Re: Walpole?

Did I read that the Walpole coach was using 1 less day between games as an excuse for losing?

Really? Look at their schedule and tell me who they beat? Natick once, 1-0? And Natick really isn't that good. Walpole lost because they weren't playing Dedham, or Needham or Milton. That is why they lost. Write ups in the paper that they Bay State Conference must be good because of all the teams that made the tourney. Its just the opposite. There are too many bad teams there that the mediocre teams get enough cheap wins to qualify. High school hockey is still dying, and for the most part, it is a substandard product now.