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Re: Looks like Malcolm Gladwell was right in Outliers

In looking through the New England kids on the USHL Futures Draft list on the DBoard Facebook page you have to believe Malcolm Gladwell was right in Outliers. Only a few birthdays land in the final quarter of the year.

" But January-born minor midgets are, on average, bigger and taller than December-born players. Gladwell argues that this head start gives players born in the first months of the year a life-long advantage: they are more likely to be chosen for top tier competitive teams, they get more ice time and better coaching.

The result, Gladwell says, is "an iron law of Canadian hockey: in any elite group of hockey players - the very best of the best - 40 per cent of the players will have been born between January and March." Those born in the last quarter of the year might as well just "give up on hockey." "

Approximately 45% of the players who've played in the NHL all-time were born between July 1 and December 31. The first quarter definitely produces more than any other quarter, but just being born later in the year isn't decisive. Sidney Crosby was born in August and Alex Ovechkin was born in September.