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Re: Hingham Harbormen

Kind of a head scratcher. Earlier in the season they played out in Springfield and it was a competitive game. 2-1 then a phantom penalty call which you always expect out there, PP goal 3-1 and then an empty netter 4-1. Now you watch them play and the forwards are all over the ice chasing the play, the defense is simply puck-watching and packing it in in front of the goalie, the goalie is seeing nothing but quality shots, everyone is losing every battle along the boards. Where did they go? Seems the lacrosse season has started early for the boys.

And really it was closer than that since one of Hingham's players made a beautiful tape to tape pass to PF for a breakaway goal. Could have been 2-1 plus ENG for 3-1. Seems like the coaches are ready for lax season too since sounds like they're more interested in sucking up to the parents of the JVs ("my kids on JV but he's practicing with the Varsity") than actually preparing to play. Other threads have it right, Hingham has no business being in Super 8, this year or any other if this is all they have. I, for one, think the kids will come out stronger on Thursday in spite of--certainly not because of--the coaches. And the goalie will play like he usually does. 4-2 PF.

Re: Hingham Harbormen

Isn't the game today @ 5:00pm? I know some of the parents in the town were chatting last summer that they thought last years success saved the coaching staff their jobs after some pretty horrible seasons and they might be right. The word was the style of play that they expect doesn't fit well with what the kids learn at the various programs they play the rest of the year. The old 'throw it off the glass and chase it' isn't exactly what Boston Advantage teaches.

Re: Hingham Harbormen

Game was switched to Thursday.