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Re: What more proof do you need?

BOOM! One public shoe drops, one to go.

Re: What more proof do you need?

Boom! Catholic School Championship AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaallllll Set.

Re: What more proof do you need?

there will 100% be another public to win the super 8. It didn't show this year but it showed in 14-15 season. Both Woburn and Franklin lost to Springfield Cathedral and MC by one and franklin lost by 6 or 7 a week earlier to MC!!!! Public schools have some sort of boost when they play in the super 8 that helps them out. Proof: Franklin lost by 6 or 7 to MC last week of season then loses 2-1 in the super 8. You get a few lucky bounces and thats a Franklin win. I will admit it is harder now to win a super 8 as a public because of the new format. When they had a round robin it was much easier. Now, smart catholic coaches can draw up ways to squash the 5 or 6 good players that a public has in game 2. (yes a public will have 5 or 6 good players if they're playing in the 8) Wait 15 years and there will be a public champion.

Re: What more proof do you need?

No one would have predicted how skewed it would become just in the last five years but the trend is not going to change unless the MIAA makes the change. 15 years? Who is going to wait that long?

Re: What more proof do you need?

No proof. Why change it? I love it when the publics win the Super 8, or at least get real close, like when Reading rolled to a super 8 title and pasted three Catholics to win a few years back and then Hingham did it. Not many private schools can lay claim to a super 8 title. St John's just won their first one last year. MC was never in it until their modern dynasty, Cathedral/Pope Francis never has, nor have most private/catholic schools. Meantime, a town team like Reading has like the fourth most Super8 appearances of any school in its history. They rarely win, but publics can and have won it, and it makes it all the more sweeter when they do.
If anything, get rid of the stupid tournament and run the north south brackets like the old days. The two best teams always rise to the top

Ok, to your point. Every so often a public team comes along and competes and on a rare occasion wins the Super 8.

By separating the Public and Catholic Championships and allowing the Champions to play each other at the end of the year should settle the debate. This way the Public anomaly will surely roll through the Public Championship and have the opportunity to win the whole thing.

Minnesota has the best and purest system, although things have changed out there in recent times.