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Family Advisers

Has anyone ever used one of these guys? Any information would be helpful. My older son played in various leagues, had success, went to a public school and found his way to a handful of Jr. hockey offers mainly though his club coaches contacts and also showing up to Jr. team camps. Other kids who never seemed all that great seemed to be whisked onto teams, invited to college combines, contacted by college coaches and ended-up with a basket of potential schools - albeit many schools that weren't so great.

Where do you find these sharks and are they really able to smooth the path? How much do people pay?

Re: Family Advisers

I'd be interested in this as well. Always wondered how 12, 13 and 14 year old kids get scouted and people start looking at them.

Re: Family Advisers

They find you you don't find them. End of story. If they don't know your kid by now then they never will.

Re: Family Advisers

Watch out for a guy with the initials CH. He stalked me and my Dad in a pro shop telling us how he could help me get to the next level. The guy was sooooo creepy. Called my Dad everyday then wanted to be my friend on Facebook

Re: Family Advisers

Maybe open discussions with this guy -

One question to ask him: "Who do you see as your chief competitors in the family Advisor space in New England?" And maybe that will give you a couple more names to call.

Good luck.