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Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

I am still not seeing your point!

I am saying the top catholic players and top public kids would make lines 1-4 and D pairings 1-4 a wash! Goalies would be close to the same although I would give a slight edge to Catholics. The outlier would be those Catholic kids who have committed to Division 1. Especially four or five years ago when teams like SJP , AP Malden Catholic and more recently Springfield Cathedral had multiple D1 and in some cases NHL draft picks. Never mind the Jake Wise's that you may see every 20 years in Mass Hockey. That would be the difference maker 7 or 8 out of 10.

Division 1 commits have nothing to do with winter hockey and everything to do with the rest of the year. Kid from Reading is not committed to Northeastern because their coaching staff was impressed with his play against Chelmsford!! It has more to do with how he did with and against the others at USA Festival or high level Showcase camps!

You don't agree?

I think what you missed was the Publics field a all-star team to play against the winner of the "State Private School Championship" now called The Super 8 - because the Catholic schools are already all-star teams made-up of kids from multiple towns.

Your second point I agree, the high school season has little to do with the commits and it is the rest of the year. However, one would think in some of the cases (like recently Springfield Cathedral) the coach there has a lot to do with getting these kids placed. And they are wise to work for these kids to say "look you can play high school hockey and get a college deal - at my school, come play for me" where the publics have not figured this out.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

It wasn't that I missed their point, it's just that I was suggesting it as an alternative.

Public school and Catholic School coaches have very little to do with promoting the kids. It plays a minimal role in recruiting. College coaches go to showcase tournaments and Id players. If the player happens to play for MC or SJP and they happen to have a few other kids that are high caliber and are playing another Catholic team that have a few prospects than they may go see the game. Numbers game!! One game six prospects right in their back yard. Just like a showcase tournament. Get to see 40-50 legit players from all over north america in a 2-3 day period. Just not worth their time to go see Winchester vs Woburn to see 1-2 borderline d3 players.

Of course the coaches input helps. Most Catholic League coaches have played or coached in college. Vast majority of Prep School coaches have played college and or pro hockey and all are part of the hockey network. Typically the public school coach not so much outside of a few or a "Legend" coach who has been there for 30 years.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

ALL STARS LOST TO BG 2-0 get a reallity check Mass hockey has jumped the shark years ago. You have 60-70 kids at Catholic tryouts and they still cant beat public schools. ITS ALL POLITICS NOW!!!

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

i beg to differ How many kids are now doing school choice ? Didn't Burlington back a few yrs ago have multi players who did not live in Burlington?

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

I like the idea of the Super 8 winner playing a public all star team.

Who would choose the Public All Star team??

Hey, we can all agree system needs tweaking!! Many variations would work

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

And for those who think Wise is coming back next year to play high school hockey in Mass I have news for you. BU has already packed his bags and he will be playing in the Midwest next fall.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

In the last eight years, Reading and Hingham have each won a Super 8 and D1 championship, that's four titles in both brackets, so shut up about it. Most private schools can't even lay claim to that. The publics rarely win the super 8, but they've won it and that's why the top teams are still there. Until more than a handful of the same private schools start winning the Super 8, the argument for dividing public and private schools makes no sense.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

The reason to divide it is, the playing field is not level and a public will NEVER win the Super 8 again. If you think it's possible, you are mis-informed on how / why the gap is getting wider.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

I disagree. The gap is not widening. In fact it may be getting closer as Prep and Junior Hockey decimate the Catholic Schools once plentiful recruiting pool. It will take a town with a large youth program and a few kids who they normall would have lost to the CC's and Prep to stay home and play with their friends and I could easily see them winning the Super 8.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

Good point! It seems like all levels are getting diluted including Preps

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

I disagree with the idea the gap is getting closer (for proof look at the last 3-4 years). And talk about a decimated recruiting pool the publics have a decimated and limited talent pool that is getting decimated by not only Preps and Juniors but also the Catholics. And the idea that a few will stay at the local H.S. it would take a top-end academic high school to keep them (with many catholics enticing kids with free tuition) and a coach that can help them get placed at the next level - which none of them are very good at doing.

The remote chance is a public that has an unbelievable Freshman & Sophomore class and they make a run before they pack-up and leave. And the way youth hockey is today these kids all play on various local teams before and during high school and many of their 'friends' are players from various communities all heading to various private schools. No team is going to pull kids from it's Town Bantam & Midget program and compete in D-1 H.S. hockey...not even close to possible.

The chance of a public even making it to the final four is remote and fading every day.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

Catholics aren't nearly as strong as they were just a few years ago. They are losing kids to prep way earlier than previously as well as to the u16 & u18 teams. Even though the Catholics are stronger and deeper than the high end Div 1 Public teams, the publics still have a shot. Will be really difficult for them to win 2 of 3 if they get past a play in game. Advantage Catholics for sure, but not as much as previous years. Preps are actually feeling it a little too.

Re: The LAST Public School Standing!

Preps are pricing themselves out of the hockey equation. If hockey is the goal, it's not worth $30k a year. And you go to the summer tournaments and camps you see the players are no better, there are just more of them.