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Any guesses?

What’s up with a certain D2 team from the south. Any guesses? Three things (1) Coaches look and act like they belong in jail. No class. Complaining, yelling, screaming all game. The lack of control of their bench was appalling. (2) Parents – believe it or not your son may get hit – its HS Hockey so stop whining (3) Players – maybe they should get a pass – after all see # 1 – but the taunting, etc was over the top. Good team though. Size and skill. Too bad. It’s so bad you wonder if the AD and parents even care – I guess winning is what matters. End result – kids suffer. Perhaps it was an isolated thing…. Kind of doubt it.

Re: Any guesses?

07 terriers/jr dogs elite ????

Pretty much a circus!

Re: Any guesses?

I think this belongs in the high school folder.................