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MIAA admission prices

So how does the MIAA get away with charging $15 at the door for a state semi-final high school hockey game. Aren't they supposedly non-profit?

Re: MIAA admission prices

And you wonder why they bend over backwards to keep fleecing the public schools by having a "Super 8" sham of a tournament. Looks to me like its an 'All Private School Tournament' with the ONLY public school standing in D-1 hockey (Boys or Girls) is Franklin. One public team in either Super 8, D-1 Boys or D-1 Girls.

And no one even mentions this in the press???

Re: MIAA admission prices

Need to follow the dollars, MIAA fills trash bags with money at these events. Where does it go? Do the math, where does it go? I bet the MIAA has no idea how much cash is exchanging hands, how much gets back into the schools and how much pays for new boats on the cape...think of Beacon Hill with no accountability.

Re: MIAA admission prices

When did Beacon Hill get accountability ????