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Re: Publics in order to compete -

players will go junior, cc and prep when they PERCEIVE the opportunities to be greater than their town. this perception is evident on this board, but especially the 'kiddie' board --- where parents every year 'dash' to a better team, better coach better... only to do it again the following the year.

they look down on their town hockey, so do the same when their precious 'super' star is not first line V as a freshman (on their HS team). so its off to ANY junior team, then the next. at least with cc or prep, well, they have the top players so being on the jv is much better than....

certain towns have bucked the trend: namely reading and hingham. LS by getting HG to coach is an interesting take.

until the cycle is broken, publics will always be fighting the ocean.

Hingham may have kept some kids, but not the best. LM--left. MD--left. ME--left. BB--never even got to HHS. JO--same thing. LM's little brother played club instead of HHS this year and he's gone next year. You can be sure BB's little brother won't come either.

Re: Publics in order to compete -

They all lose players. The kids with D-1 potential shouldn't stay pass their Sophomore year at most. The school you mention gets lucky just to have these kids for a year or two and when people say 'they left,' they really didn't "leave." It's more like they "went back" to who made them. But they do get a few to stay and it doesn't always work-out for them.

Re: Publics in order to compete -

Loved it earlier in the season when one of the coaches (I'm pretty sure) came on here and posted they were the ones that made the Northeastern deal for MD.

Re: Publics in order to compete -

Speaking of Hockeytown, I saw the little store on Main Street is where do all of the local hockey experts meet to trash kids?

Re: Publics in order to compete -

A lot has been written here about the gap getting wider between the public high schools and the Catholics. Here are a few ideas for the publics to implement in order to close the gap, keep kids from bailing to the C.C. schools & Juniors.

- work with the local select teams to bundle your kids onto one team for summer tournaments and fall split season - this is what the C.C. schools have been doing for years.

- Contrary to the current mind set the public high schools should form relationships with the local Junior teams. Instead of treating them like the enemy, embrace them, open the lines of communication.

- Make these programs the place for your seniors to move onto once they finish high school if they have interest in playing D-3 or club.

- Acknowledge the fact that the true D-I talent may not stay past their Sophomore year. Get two good years out of them and wish them well. Colleges will want to see them develop against the best possible competition so that means Tier I full season, USHL or USPHL Premier.

- Dedicate one assistant coach to making Junior team and college introductions. The better job you do of placing kids, the more likely they will not leave early and the more likely your school will be the place to play.

- Bring alumni players in to speak with kids about playing at their schools and let the alumni players help the assistant coaches with their introductions.

Just a few ideas to keep your kids and move them along when they graduate or when they are ready.

Another issue you don't address is the quality of the coaching, which is abysmal, even at the very "top" D-1 publics. Just watch the kids puck hog, chase the puck or dump it from the red line. Coaches at my son's school say they are working on "skills" and then--for the whole season--don't bother to work on breakouts! We've all heard that coaches shouldn't teach systems to younger kids--guess what, its time when they get to high school. Having coaches that are stuck in the by-gone dump and chase era is a real problem. If you can't teach the kids to play good hockey then they will leave, no matter what other changes you make.

Re: Publics in order to compete -

You know, you're right. Can C.C. coaches make more than publics???