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Re: Hockey skills to improve speed

Lack of speed
Hi Hockey world,

Looking for a hockey program to improve on speed at the high school level. My son play Varsity Defense but needs to get quicker. A weekly skills that wont break the bank is preferred. A camp like Paul Vincent at 2,500 is not an option. Anyone have a suggestion?

Speed and quickness are two different animals. There's a lot of not that "quick" guys in the NHL. What they do well is anticipate. Your kid may not have the quick, pitter-patter feet but he can clearly increase his speed through strength training. Deadlifts are fantastic for building power, which translates directly into speed. Box jumps, bounds, calf raises all are great too.

Keep in mind that there aren't very man skilled guys in the NHL who skate like the whirling dervishes prevalent in youth hockey. 3rd or 4th liners, yes. 1st and 2nd, no. We've all seen that one kid flying around the ice and wish our kid could too. The problem is its just too hard to make plays when you're sprinting all the time. Those kids fly by your kid when they're younger--and that's all most of them can do, since that's all they need to do to standout at the lower levels. Once kids mature, other kids who skate better technically and with more power close the speed gap. The best players make going fast look easy and they do that by having powerful long strides. That's what you want him to work on.

Re: Hockey skills to improve speed

For "quickness" you can work on step ladders etc. The biggest help at the young HS age is strength,balance, and flexibility. A program like P90X that works overall strength and uses Yoga for balance and flexibility is an easy solution that is low cost and doesn't require a lot. Made a huge difference for my oldest in HS. He thought the Yoga really helped his balance and body control. If you are looking to shell out money there are plenty of training places and they all seem to have a good grasp on the needs.

Re: Hockey skills to improve speed

Yoga is Outstanding for all athletes. Kim Johnson has a studio at the PAD over in Woburn. Very reasonable $ . I think $10 for walk - ins.

Works with a lot of Golfers too ( For you dads)