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Re: MIAA regulations on other teams and HS hockey

What if any restrictions are there on playing HS hockey and other full season
teams (U14/U16 etc) other than conflicts of schedule?

HS is the team of priority. this means you must attend a HS event over club. yes, that means you have to attend the JV player meeting over a club championship game.

there is a waiver process. but the HS coach must approve.

lastly although there are coaches that say it AND i have actually seen HS web pages that state it --- once you are released from your HS event there can be NO restrictions on what you do. they can not tell you what you can do with your personal time. BUT i would advise not to 'broadcast' what you are doing, especially if you are a bubble player.

Re: MIAA regulations on other teams and HS hockey

I'm not sure it's even possible. Our h.s. team skates six days a week and add to that the ranting belittling meetings, the 'film sessions' and pasta parties and fund raising events...I now see why so few of them want to play hockey after high school!

Re: MIAA regulations on other teams and HS hockey

If you make varsity you will have no time to play club. If you are on a JV team as a u14 or u16 you need to play club(if you make it) because jv hockey is terrible. Like the previous guy said , you have to still make HS your priority and do not advertise it , most jv coaches don't care, some do but better to keep your mouth shut

Re: MIAA regulations on other teams and HS hockey

Maybe at a low level high school JV team you could pull it off with just a couple skates a week and a 20 game season...but in that case why play low level JV? For a real varsity high school team it would be very difficult and you would be looking at a combined 50-70 game season if not more.