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Re: Awards

Ooof those are some dusty teams. Is that D-1 or 2???

Re: Awards

Hock is Div 1 to 3. Only D1 teams are franklin mansfield, KP. Most of the rest are d2. stoughton may be d3 im not sure. Only team that did anything outside the conference was franklin. all others fell when they had to play good teams.

Re: Awards

mvp from stoughton? isnt mvp somone that the team could have achieved their success without? stoughton couldnt have been that bad without him?

Re: Awards

These must be April fools day jokes. real awards must be coming tomorrow.

Re: Awards

They love them some Canton kids.
Awarded for soft schedule.
Look at their numbers versus good teams.
And how did they do in the playoffs?

Enjoy it boys, and thank your coach for picking a soft schedule, although it bit you in the butt in playoffs!

Wow. I'd take the second team over the first team in any series.

Re: Awards

Saw The Globe's All scholastic team and I tell you, what a mess. Some terrible players as 'All Stars' and the year before one kid was named all everything and he might have been the third best - at least second best for sure - at his position ON HIS TEAM! Even the kid's parents said it! LOL best player at the position on the got no mention - but made a USHL team. Go figure.

So take it with a grain of salt.

Re: Awards

This is just a local website that no one outside of that league pays attention to. These writers have their favorites before the season. Just look at the season long writeups of their award winners. One year, they gave goalie of year award to a goalie that has never been the best goalie on any team that he played on.