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Re: ISL hockey

? I think the point was the kid made a decision to get an education rather than play some backwater D-3 hockey and you call that "real hockey"????

Wrong on both counts! Not my kid! Just saying that playing club hockey at Michigan and getting that education is not a fail. If it were my kid, I would love for him to go to Colby, Bowdoin, Middlebury, any NESCAC school and play Div 3 hockey as opposed to club hockey, but that doesn't mean the kid has Failed! If my son turned down U Michigan to play hockey at a Mass State U, I would support it but might challenge him to really think about it. If he went the state college/ hockey route, the education would be fine and likely a good all around experience. To the person who suggested BU club was on par with U Michigan Club, I'm not sure but highly doubt it. Guess long and short, not one size fits all