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Re: ISL hockey

I'm curious, for those bashing the higher level ISL schools as a waste of money, have you done any research? If you haven't, try Google and you will find that through a combination of factors, the elite private schools are well worth the financial commitment if a family can afford it, and Nobles is certainly classified as an elite school. On average, the top 20 prep schools in the US send 30% of their graduates to Ivies, MIT, or Stanford, how does that compare you your local HS. If your sole focus for your son is hockey, there are certainly other, cheaper & better routes available but if it's about where he is going to be professionally at 35, Nobles, Phillips, Groton, etc will provide your child a head start that could last a lifetime.

The 30% Ivy+ matriculation numbers these schools advertise is VERY misleading since none of the schools disclose how many of the kids they send to the Ivy+ are legacies, recruited athletes or underrepresented minorities. My guess is its actually EASIER for a non-legacy-athlete-minority to get into an Ivy from his or her local high school simply because fewer kids are applying to them from the local school. Further, just about every kid at one of the top prep schools (excluding the same legacy, athlete, minority population) would be in the top 10% if they stayed in their local schools. But, by definition, only 10% of the kids at the prep school can be in the top 10% there! So many, many kids who would be in the top 10% in their local school will actually be in the BOTTOM half of their prep school class! Try getting into Harvard if you're in the bottom half of the class at Andover--and you're not a legacy, recruited athlete or underrepresented minority!

But this is the D-Board so lets get back to hockey.

Re: ISL hockey

Like the O.K. student (Brockton) with O.K. test scores ("near 2200") who got into 7 out of the 8 Ivies he applied to because he is a child of Nigerian immigrants.

Somewhere Elizabeth Warren is smiling and somewhere some white suburban 4.0, 2400 kid is wondering what went wrong.

Make Nigeria Great Again!

Re: ISL hockey

? I think the point was the kid made a decision to get an education rather than play some backwater D-3 hockey and you call that "real hockey"????

Wrong on both counts! Not my kid! Just saying that playing club hockey at Michigan and getting that education is not a fail. If it were my kid, I would love for him to go to Colby, Bowdoin, Middlebury, any NESCAC school and play Div 3 hockey as opposed to club hockey, but that doesn't mean the kid has Failed! If my son turned down U Michigan to play hockey at a Mass State U, I would support it but might challenge him to really think about it. If he went the state college/ hockey route, the education would be fine and likely a good all around experience. To the person who suggested BU club was on par with U Michigan Club, I'm not sure but highly doubt it. Guess long and short, not one size fits all