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Re: High School 17-minute periods


I'm not sure you know much about some of the players. Let's just say yes there are typically 10-12 kids that play Tier 1 for these programs and some play for the high school because oddly enough hockey might not be their recruited / primary sport or they chose to move on to academics in college rather than play at some D-3 college up in the hills of wherever after a year or two of juniors.

But that is in fact the difference. Top public kids can play with top kids from any school - you see it all summer and fall in the tournaments and during the summer at the camps and college combines. The difference is depth, or number of kids that can play at a high level. When a public has two lines and two sets of D that actually can play against four full lines it doesn't take long for the wheels to come off so yes, you are right.

Sorry, I was using the generic term "Tier 1" to mean the top level--like "Tier 1 Nationals". Hingham probably does have 10-12 "Tier 1" players--surprised its not more--using the EHF nomenclature, Tier 1 being the level below "Elite". [Everywhere else that would be called Tier 2.] My bad. I should have said the Catholics are full of "Elite" level players of which Hingham and other publics have very few.

Re: High School 17-minute periods

No we are on the same page. Yes, Tier 1 'National Bound' they would in the past few years have 5-6 at the U-18 level and 4-5 at the U-16 level. Now ask the coaches who or what that means and they would be lost trying to figure it out. Just not enough compared to those that recruit the better 12-13 year olds in the region.

Plus, many of the Catholics will have their lids on just a few teams for summer & fall. Publics will have kids on 6-8 different teams all playing different systems.

Depth, recruiting, coaching, working to get the kids deals.... Totally different.

Re: High School 17-minute periods

When my son was an 8th grader he skated with a pretty good team. After practice a coach from a local catholic school which is kind of a hockey school took 4-5 kids aside and chatted with them about attending his school. After the chat I asked my son if he was interested and he was kind of dumbfounded by the whole thing. "Why would I go to that school just to play hockey?"