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Re: High School 17-minute periods

No we are on the same page. Yes, Tier 1 'National Bound' they would in the past few years have 5-6 at the U-18 level and 4-5 at the U-16 level. Now ask the coaches who or what that means and they would be lost trying to figure it out. Just not enough compared to those that recruit the better 12-13 year olds in the region.

Plus, many of the Catholics will have their lids on just a few teams for summer & fall. Publics will have kids on 6-8 different teams all playing different systems.

Depth, recruiting, coaching, working to get the kids deals.... Totally different.

Re: High School 17-minute periods

When my son was an 8th grader he skated with a pretty good team. After practice a coach from a local catholic school which is kind of a hockey school took 4-5 kids aside and chatted with them about attending his school. After the chat I asked my son if he was interested and he was kind of dumbfounded by the whole thing. "Why would I go to that school just to play hockey?"