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Re: Has anyone on here actually played college hockey or have a kid who has?

I have two in college and I have to say your point about kids failing out is a bit off base. In our time it was a real possibility, today the schools do everything to not only keep the kids in but they also push to get them through in 4 years. This is 100% due to all of the college rankings and information flow that is now available. And for parents dropping a couple hundred grand on the 'college experience' these stats are very important in deciding which college to send your kid. My oldest is at a school where 99% return after freshmen year and 87% graduate in four years and no way did my school years ago come close to those #'s.

I.e., grade inflation is rampant. Why graduate degrees are the new litmus test for many careers.

and there is a huge difference between --- sports management, marketing and say chemical engineer.

Almost all BC players are in the School of Management, but then none of its top players expect to spend 4 years in Chestnut Hill.

Re: Has anyone on here actually played college hockey or have a kid who has?

Just wondering what life is like as a college hockey player insofar as actually being a student is concerned? Specifically, I guess, my question is are college hockey players able to really focus on their studies or does hockey take up pretty much all of their time?

Played D1 in the 90's, and it consumes you. Back then everything revolved around team meetings, team skates, team workouts, team dinners, etc..Some of us did summer courses so that we could focus on hockey the rest of the year. Some left to live the dream and went back a few years later to graduate, some realized earlier (Junior year) that they had to get an education because hockey wasn't going to pay the bills, and some are now hard laborers because they couldn't figure it before it was too late.
With all that being said, not one of us would ever trade that time for anything! Good Luck!

Re: Has anyone on here actually played college hockey or have a kid who has?

Total opposite experience. Also played D1 four years at an elite academic school. Hockey was intensive, but because all there was was going to school, socializing and hockey, and not actually working for a living, there was plenty of time to study and do great academically. I remember long road trips all the time where there was ample time to read books and study, and not being preoccupied with partying at every available opportunity, i spent many nights in the libraries or dorm room studying, including weekends. It's about discipline. Some kids have it, others don't. It's not like you're playing hockey and going to team meetings 24/7.